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We have pullets of all ages from day olds up to laying birds. Day olds are available every second Wednesday.  Brown, black or white chicks, which are already vaccinated, are available on that morning. Please place an order before hand so you don't miss out. We sell sexed female chicks at $4 each and the roosters 70 cents each.  There are also often  baby ducklings available too, at $5 for females, or $3 for males. You can also purchase the special day old chick feed at the same time along with the Wagners Layers Mash for the laying hens.


Our ducklings are the brown, Khaki Cambell  cross-bred ducks or the white slightly larger ones, called Pekins.  They are grass grazers and love the water. At adult, which is 20 weeks, the female ducks starts to lay eggs . They lay at night so should be locked up to prevent being taken by foxes. They make a nest on the floor out of straw and feathers and hide the eggs.


Ages available up to Layer hens which are around 22 weeks old and ready to lay.  Brown and often White ones are available.  Black chickens can be ordered at day old. It is not wise to mix chickens of differeng ages as the bigger ones will bully the smaller ones. 

Breeds available:
Brown - Gingerhams - lay a brownish eggs and are a very quiet and friendly chicken

Black - Black Australorp cross with New Hamshire

White - White Leghorn crossed with New Hamshire - lays a white/cream egg .

All are good egg layers, the brown and black being the quieter friendly ones.

Laying hens usually have a spell from laying after about 1 year of laying. As the shorter days approach they quite often go into a moult, and stop for about 6 weeks. They may become broody at this time, and want to sit on eggs to hatch. It is possible, at that time if you so wish, to introduce day old chicks under her and she will rear them for you.

All our  female chickens are mareks and infectious bronchitis vaccinated. This is done at day old.  Cockerels are not vaccinated.

Once you purchase your new backyard poultry, you'll need to look after them - and this instruction sheet is issued with each purchase.

You can keep your livestock safe from foxes with one of our automatic chicken coop doors.


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