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Wagner's Hatchery department has a small incubator which can be hired out.    It is a small Maino machine with a temperature and humidity control.  It has a clear domed perspex cover to allow the hatching process to be seen the whole way through without lifting the lid.   It will hold about 20 chicken or duck eggs comfortably.  The water container allows humidity to be maintained.   This machine is particularly popular for hiring out to schools and preschools as part of an education program.  It is, therefore, essential to phone for bookings, (at a cost of $40 per week - pick up from the farm only).   One week's hire is enough if the eggs are purchased close to hatching.   Each egg about to hatch is available from the farm for $3 and will hatch within the following couple of days.  Once the hatching is standing and dry, they can be moved from the incubator to a brooder.  Information leaflets  regarding their care can be issued.

Wagner's hatchery department incubator

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