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Here at Wagner's Poultry we dispatch day old chickens and ducklings fortnightly throughout the year. Sexed day olds are available for sale every 2nd Wednesday morning (fortnightly) from 8am to 12 midday. Brown, black and white chicks will be there for you to choose, along with feed and water dispensers and feed. Information sheets are also issued regarding their care.

The most important fact in caring for day old chicks and ducks is HEAT! In fact, they should be kept inside under a heat lamp or brooder for about 5 - 6 weeks. By this time they are just about fully feathered. It is then safe to rear them outside in a contained area, with a dry sheltered area in which to sleep. Their main predators at this stage are cats, dogs, crows, and of course, foxes! Care should therefore be taken to make sure their pen is well secured at night.

Our birds are a commercial egg laying strain. They are bred for maximum egg production rather than meat. Once they reach maturity at about 22 weeks, they will start laying.

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Day old chicks are $4 each (females).   This price includes full vaccinations. 
Orders from 50 and over are $3.50 each, picked up at the farm on the Hatch Wednesday before 12 midday.   Please ring to order.

Freight by trucking companies to certain parts of Northern and Eastern Victoria can be arranged at a further $25 per 100 (or part thereof).  Enquiries are currently being made regarding transporting to other parts of country Victoria.  Cockerels (day old roosters) can be ordered and purchased on Hatch Day at $0.70 cents each. These can be sent by freight vehicles as well. We DO NOT vaccinate cockererls.

Ducklings are $5 each for the egg layer Khaki Cambell / Pekin cross, and now available are the slightly larger Pekins, the white ducks. These 'cuties' make wonderful pets and lay eggs at around 20 weeks of age

It is important that you email us or phone  (03) 9739 1460 during office hours to secure an order.


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