Wagner's Poultry

"Backyard Chooks" and Hatchery


We sell egg cartons from the farm in the following combinations:

Dozen Egg Cartons
Dozen egg packs
12 eggs per carton.

Two options for purchase includes:

130 cartons per pack   $35 = 26.9 cents per single carton.
180 cartons per pack   $43 = 23.8 cents per single carton.

Egg Cartons Half Dozen

Half dozen egg packs

Twin pack snaps into 2 x 6-egg packs.

180 Twin-pack cartons per box  $54  = 30 cents per twin-pack

Egg Cartons trays

Tray pack

30 eggs per tray

120 trays per pack - $22  = 18.3 cents per tray

All prices above are for farm pickup and include GST.  Packs will not be split.
Any freight must be organised by the purchaser and pre-paid.

Pick up times are 8am to 12  Monday to Saturday.

Please contact us for more information.


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