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Hen Safe Doors

Hen safe doors were developed through a need for an alternative option to manually closing our 7 sheds spread over 20 acres, morning and night, seven days a week. The hen safe door is an automatic solar powered chicken coop door.  The hen safe door operates through a pre-programmed timer which is connected to a back up battery pack for those days when the sun is not out and charging is at a minimum via solar power.This enables your chickens to be let out in the morning and locked up at night without you having to be there.

Hen safe doors are made from full aluminum which is rust free and weather resistant. Consumers can have optional opening and closing times for different days of the week, for example opening later on a Sunday.
The door comes fully pre assembled ensuring the product is easy to install and the only thing consumers need to do is cut a hole the size of the opening, screw the door to the coop and mount the solar panel to the roof of the chicken coop.

The doors are currently being used overseas however it was very expensive and delivery was prolonged due to the weight of the door. This prompted us to develop a light weight aluminum door that could be available in Australia and be more cost effective for local customers. From the doors we have sold to date we have had very positive feed back especially about the time the doors have saved and the ability of our purchasers to now be able to have a bit more of a social life due to not having to be home at night to close up their beloved cooks and the convenience of not having to change batteries.

We currently have them installed on our chicken farm, which also accommodates larger birds like ducks and geese. Our tip is to remember daylight savings and change the timer in accordance to the sun rising and setting.

The doors can be purchased on the farm or are also packed to be posted at a price of $294. Hen safe doors offer a 30 day money back guarantee and a one year warranty. If clubs or organizations wish to purchase in bulk, we offer a deal of buy 10 and get one free or 10% discount on their bulk order of five or more doors.

The video below shows a door in action.

More information is available at http://www.hensafe.com.au or by contacting Steve on 0411 170 736 or at hensafe@gmail.com

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